appartamenti per vacanze a Moneglia

Cinque Terre

Ancient fishing villages located along the coast, each of these villages is characterized by vineyards and colorful houses.

appartamenti per vacanze a Moneglia


Capital of the Liguria region, Genova is very famous for its important role in the field of maritime trade as well as for being a city of great historical value.

appartamenti per vacanze a Moneglia


A very famous place for Italian and foreign tourists, Portofino is located on the Ligurian Riviera and consists of colorful houses, exclusive boutiques and seafood restaurants that overlook the place where boats and yachts moor.

appartamenti per vacanze a Moneglia

La Spezia

La spezia, a purely maritime and historical city, is famous for the naval technical museum with arsenal models, navigational instruments and its archaeological museum containing fantastic historical finds dating back to the Middle Ages.

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